In last 30 years Holy Trinity hosted Serbfest . It started small with modest menu but it grew big with variety of foods and drinks. Serbfest is always the first weekend in August.











• Free Admission
• Air Conditioned
• Authentic Serbian Food & Desserts

• Serbian Cultural Booths
• Church Tours
• Indoor and Outdoor
• Serbian Entertainment

On the menu we have traditional Serbian cuisine such as :

Serbfest Combo Plate( a combination of one Sarma, Kobasica and Cevap)

Lamb Shank – a full shank, slow cooked with red wine sauce

Sarma Plate – (2) blend of beef, pork & rice wrapped in a cabbage leaf

Roasted Lamb – young lamb, slow roasted over an open fire

Cevap Plate – (5) Cevaps (Serbian Sausages) with diced onions

Kobasica Plate – (2) Serbian style Kielbasa grilled, with spicy cognac sauce

Roasted Pig – young piglet slowly cooked over an open fire

Spinach Pita – Spinach & Cheese – in Fillo Dough

Gibanica Pita – 4 Cheeses in Fillo Dough (Pita sa Sirom )

Apple Pita -( Pita od jabuka)

Nut Rolls – Strudla sa Orasima

Serbian crepes /jam – Palacinka

Ustipci – deep fried Serbian doughnuts

Cookie Box – assorted traditional cookies


*All PLATE dinners served with freshly baked Serbian bread, slaw and side dish of the day. (Serbian potato salad or Serbian style rice).