SerbFest is a celebration of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the foods, drinks, music and culture of the Serbian People.

The Holy Trinity Serbian Church has been hosting SerbFest since 1987. It started with a desire to share our religion and culture with our St Louis Community that has welcomed our people with open arms for over 100 years.

Serbfest is ALWAYS the first Saturday and Sunday of August.  The times of the festival are Saturday 11 am – 9pm  (food service stops at 7 pm) and Sunday from 11am – 6pm.

Our Sunday church service begins at 10am if you would like to visit and see an Orthodox Liturgy. The service is mainly done in English, but there are portions that are still done in the traditional old Slavonic  language.  Please feel free to join us for church and then a great Sunday lunch.

SerbFest has a large variety of  traditional dishes  that are made by following centuries old recipes.

Serbfest is ALWAYS FREE. We have seating in our Air Conditioned hall or outdoor seating in the courtyard tent and side patio.

  We invite  you to stay and have your meal with the crowd and enjoy the entertainment or take your meal home with you.

Thank you for your interest in SerbFest. Our church family looks forward to welcoming you to our Festival.

The SebFest Committee

• Free Admission
• Air Conditioned
• Authentic Serbian Food & Desserts

• Serbian Cultural
• Church Tours
• Indoor and Outdoor
• Serbian Entertainment

On the menu we have traditional Serbian cuisine such as :

Serbfest Combo Plate( a combination of one Sarma, Kobasica and Cevap)

Sarma Plate – (2) blend of beef, pork & rice wrapped in a cabbage leaf

Chicken Paprikash—chicken thigh/leg quarter  baked with diced peppers and onions and spices

Cevap Plate – (5) Cevaps (Serbian Sausages) with diced onions

Kobasica Plate – (2) Serbian style Kielbasa grilled, with spicy cognac sauce

Roasted Pig – young piglet slowly cooked over an open fire

Spinach Pita – Spinach & Cheese – in Fillo Dough

Gibanica Pita – 4 Cheeses in Fillo Dough (Pita sa Sirom )

Apple Pita -( Pita od jabuka)

Ustipci – deep fried Serbian doughnuts

Cookie Box – assorted traditional cookies