Sunday School



First Day of Sunday School is September 12, 2021. Please fill out the Sunday School registration form and email to
To fill out form, open form and click on Fill & Sign at the top of the right side menu, then click on Add Text.  After filling out the form save to your computer. (Too lazy to fill out form- call Kris or Father)

Questions- Contact Kris Chkautovich at 314-574-4827 or Fr. Ljubomir at 815-543-6170.

Sunday School Registration Fillable Form-21


Our Sunday School is held every Sunday, September through May, at the end of Divine Liturgy for the children in kindergarten through 8th grade. We encourage you to attend the Divine Liturgy at 10 am with your children.

They will be brought into their Sunday School classrooms before Father Ljubomir’s sermon. Our dedicated volunteer teachers give your children the knowledge they will need to understand our faith so that will be better prepared to participate in church life.

Our focus is to teach the fundamentals of the Orthodox faith to your children through their active participation in the Liturgy and the sacramental life of the Church. In addition to the weekly lessons on Orthodoxy, all the children will learn to sing the music from our Liturgy and children ages 9-13 will be reading the weekly Epistles in Liturgy, as well as our young men will be learning how to serve in the altar

.Every January, the children celebrate St. Sava’s life (St. Sava is credited for bringing the Orthodox Religion to Serbians) with a night in which they recite poems and perform plays in the Serbian language. This is a tradition that dates back centuries

.For more information please contact our Sunday School Director, Kris Chkautovich at 314-574-4827 or Fr. Ljubomir at the church office 314-776-3262.


Please check out some video from our three-day camp.