Sunday School

Sunday School

The future of our Church is taught the Eastern Orthodox Religion in our Sunday School which is held every Sunday from 10:00am – 11:00am. Our dedicated volunteer teachers give the children the knowledge they will need to understand our Religion and to become better citizens of our community.
Our Sunday school starts for the children at age 5. The young men also participate as altar boys and the young ladies take turns reading the weekly Epistles.

Every January, the children celebrate St. Sava’s life (St. Sava is credited for bringing the Orthodox Religion to Serbians) with a night in which they recite poems and perform plays in the Serbian language. This is a tradition that dates back centuries.For more information about the Sunday School, please contact Snezana Grubisic or Fr. Ljubomir at the church office 314-776-3262.



Expand our Sunday School activities by increasing our parent involvement. Enrich our children’s orthodox education and instruction at every age level:
Strengthen our Sunday School families’ faith ,improve and increase attendance and punctuality to Sunday School and Church.
We need every parent’s, grandparent’s and kumovi’s help to achieve our goals. Below are some of our ideas and we encourage you to add yours.
• Encourage children to participate in Divine Liturgy as Epistle readers and Altar boys
• Kumovi Day- bring your Kumovi to church
• Kolo dancing- two times a month after Liturgy
• Expand our religious materials and resources
This year we will be continuing our study of the Divine Liturgy and focus on reinforcing Sunday School fundamentals such as the 10 commandments, the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer in English and in Serbian, the Nicene Creed, Sacraments, Church Music, Holy days and their meanings. We feel through a better understanding of the Liturgy (a celebration of Jesus Christ) we can enhance our children’s Orthodox faith.We will make every effort to include Church and religious education into your lives and the lives of your children.