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Dear Sunday School Parents,

Please let me know before Friday if you and your family plan to attend the Kumovi (Godparent) Celebration by Friday, November 4th so we know how many people to prepare lunch for.  I hope you all plan to attend and just a reminder if you do not have a godparent who can attend please participate and if possible bring a special person in your child’s spiritual life.  We will not have a Sunday School class that day.

Here is an update on what we have been learning in Sunday School:


K-Grade 2:  On October 21st the class learned about the parable of the Sowers and spoke about how our hearts can be different types of soil and how to make them into good soil. They all enjoyed going outside for a demonstration on sowing seeds.  This last Sunday they discussed the Gospel of the rich man and Lazarus and talked about how we shouldn’t ignore the Lazaruses in our lives, like our siblings or friends who need help. And about how it isn’t enough just to talk about loving God, we have to act on Gods law as well.

Grade 3-5: On October 21st the class discussed the parable of the Sowers and read from I-ville to You-ville. This last Sunday we discussed the Gospel reading about the rich man and Lazarus and talked about how Jesus is asking us to not ignore those in need.  We also learned about Slavas and talked about Mother Paraskeva’s life. The children helped make zhito (boiled wheat) and taste tested until we had the right amount of sugar and nuts!


Grade 6-8: On Sunday October 21st the group heard the Sunday Gospel and then did a review of the first three chapters of our curriculum by filling out the study guides for the respective units and having a discussion about the material. This past Sunday, we finalized our review and began unit 4 of our curriculum. The children also asked me a lot of questions about who the devil was, where hell/hades are located, and what happens after the soul leaves the body.  Because unit 4 of the curriculum begins with a reference to the appearance of the resurrected Christ to two travelers (by tradition, Ss. Luke and Cleopas) on the road to Emmaus, we discussed that story for a few minutes, as well.

Also, a reminder that this Sunday our Epistle reader will be Nadeja Loban and our altar boy is Mika Kurtuma.


Sunday School Registration Form-18


Holy Trinity Orthodox Church Sunday School

Registration: Sunday, September 9, 2018 (click on link for form above)

1st Day of Classes: Sunday, September 16, 2018

Our Sunday School is held every Sunday, September through May, at the end of Divine Liturgy for the children in kindergarten through 8th grade. We encourage you to attend the Divine Liturgy at 10 am with your children.

They will be brought into their Sunday School classrooms before Father Ljubomir’s sermon. Our dedicated volunteer teachers give your children the knowledge they will need to understand our faith so that will be better prepared to participate in church life.

Our focus is to teach the fundamentals of the Orthodox faith to your children through their active participation in the Liturgy and the sacramental life of the Church. In addition to the weekly lessons on Orthodoxy, all the children will learn to sing the music from our Liturgy and children ages 9-13 will be reading the weekly Epistles in Liturgy, as well as our young men will be learning how to serve in the altar

.Every January, the children celebrate St. Sava’s life (St. Sava is credited for bringing the Orthodox Religion to Serbians) with a night in which they recite poems and perform plays in the Serbian language. This is a tradition that dates back centuries

.For more information please contact our Sunday School Director, Kris Chkautovich at 314-574-4827 or Fr. Ljubomir at the church office 314-776-3262.